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Adult ELP

European Language Portfolio for Adult and Vocational Language Learners
The UK adult/vocational European Language Portfolio (ELP) has been developed for use by adults who are learning languages for work or social purposes. The ELP has been used by learners in adult, further and higher education, business language learners and students following vocationally-related language courses. The ELP, first published in 2002, was revised and reapproved by the Council of Europe in December 2006 and published in spring 2007.

adult ELP front coverThe UK adult ELP follows the format, specified by the Council of Europe, of all European Language Portfolios, but has been tailored to be particularly relevant to adult or work-related language learning in the UK. It is currently the UK’s sole model for use by adults.

Like other ELPs, the adult ELP is not designed to replace existing courses or qualifications, but to complement these by enhancing the learning process and providing a single collection point for evidence of all an individual’s linguistic and intercultural skills. It can also be used for benchmarking skills levels, setting objectives and charting progress.

The Adult ELP is available in hard copy at a cost of £4.75 (£4 for 150+ copies) if you would like to order a hard copy please visit the CILT shop.

Alternatively, you can download it here in either PDF or Word format (for learner completion):


ELP and Quality Assurance of non-accredited language courses
In 2008, CILT has developed an adult ELP Tutor Support Pack. These additional materials for tutors and learners provide a useful tool for recording progress and achievement to meet the inspection requirements of RARPA (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement in non-Accredited Learning).

You can download the Tutor Support Pack here:

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