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What is the role of a MFL co-ordinator in Key Stage 2?

Schools are encouraged to consider nominating or appointing a coordinator for primary languages. The role of the primary languages coordinator is to work closely with the head teacher and senior management, to ensure their support for languages, and to encourage staff to take a positive view of language learning and its potential for supporting all areas of the curriculum.

Subject coordinators can find detailed advice and support in the Leaders zone, part of the Primary languages website. 

The non-statutory guidelines for language teaching at Key Stage 2, the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages (DCSF, 2005; 2007) also features comprehensive guidance for planning and implementing primary languages.

Subject coordinators may find the following sections particularly useful:

  • Part 1, Section 1 Introduction to the framework– includes the rationale behind the primary languages entitlement and timetabling
  • Part 2, Section 2 Co-ordinating provision – advice for Head Teachers, Senior Managers and Subject Coordinators
  • Part 3 – Planning

You can download or view the Framework online from the Primary languages website.

CILT Young Pathfinder 16 (2009) by Bernadette Clinton and Marion Vincent focuses specifically on the role of the primary languages coordinator. This title is available to read in the CILT Resources Library or to buy from the CILT Shop.

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