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Languages in the news

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September 2010

Black cab drivers learn languages for London Olympics
BBC News, 27 September

'Fair trade' solution to learning a new language
BBC News, 17 September

What to do with a degree in modern languages
The Guardian, 18 September

Are dying languages worth saving?
BBC News, 15 September

Highlands school pupils favour Gaelic over German
BBC News, 13 September

Primary schools rush to drop languages as compulsory lessons are abandoned
The Times, 11 September

English pupils are world-beaters – at not learning foreign languages
TES, 10 September

'English Baccalaureate' to combat drop in academic GCSEs
The Telegraph, 6 September

Leading article: A lesson learned?
The Telegraph, 6 September

Baccalaureate planned to reverse the decline in foreign languages
The Independent, 6 September

Subjects at risk from cuts
Teaching Times, 3 September

Union warns that languages, music and D&T are on hit list in heads’ hunt for savings
TES, 3 September

Budget cuts threat to music, language and classics classes
Evening Standard, 3 September

Who will speak up for languages?
THE, 2 September

August 2010

The right language
The Daily Express, 31 August

Learning languages still matters
The Guardian, 30 August

Latin can inspire a love of languages
The Guardian, 29 August

Learning a foreign language: now you’re talking
The Guardian, 28 August

Language skills proved useless
Letters to the Independent, 27 August

Should British pupils give up studying French?
BBC News Magazine, 27 August

GCSE exam pass-rate increases for the 23rd year
Teaching Times, 27 August

GCSE results: Why we should mind our languages
The Telegraph, 26 August

Language skills could aid those looking for financial services jobs in global firms
Insight, 26 August

Damage to language teaching 'irreparable'
The Indpendent, 26 August

Warning as French drops out of the top ten
Mail Online, 25 August

Modern languages warning as French drops out of top ten for the first time
The Times, 25 August

GCSE’s in the dock as record number pass them a year early...including a five-year-old
The Mail Online, 25 August

The language crisis in British schools
The Independent, 25 August

Daily View: Decline in students taking language GCSEs
BBC Blog, 25 August

Andy Bates, project manager: When 'no problem' is a problem
South West Business, 25 August

99% record GCSE pass rate
Mirror Online, 25 August

Leading article: The insularity of our national curriculum
The Independent, 25 August

GCSE results: Tongues tied
The Guardian, 25 August

Speaking language 'can make trading more successful'
Chartered Management Institute, 24 August

GCSE results: French 'no longer a popular subject'
The Telegraph, 24 August

GCSE results: Pupils spurn languages for sciences
The Guardian, 24 August

GCSE results: French 'no longer a popular subject'
The Telegraph, 24 August

Languages fade as pupils opt for science
The Financial Times, 24 August

French slumps out of GCSE top 10
The Times, 24 August

Slump in languages 'will cost British pupils dear in jobs market'
Thisislondon, 24 August

Languages Considered Least Important Subjects For Children To Learn At School, 23 August

Maths is multiplying and science fizzing, but language barrier is still solid as ever
The Times, 20 August

A-level results: French and German entries slump
The Telegraph, 19 August

Time to go native
The Sunday Times, 8 August

More British students 'to study abroad', says Willetts
The Telegraph, 1 August

July 2010

39 per cent of Brits ‘embarrassed’ that they can’t speak the lingo on holiday
Breaking Travel News, 28 July

Latin is back in London primary schools
Evening Standard, 21 July

Comment: Mind the language gap, 8 July

C'est la guerre as French resistance tackled
Yorkshire Post, 2 July

Working with languages
The Advertiser, North Yorkshire, 2 July

June 2010

My French is poor – but is Chinese more important?
This is Plymouth, 26 June

German diplomat urges children to learn a language
The Independent, 18 June

‘Don’t learn useless French,’ says shadow minister
Evening Standard, 15 June (also in Mail Online and Mail on Sunday)

Former minister Chris Bryant: French is a useless language
The Telegraph, 15 June

Learners are getting lost without translation skills
The Guardian, 15 June

Writers demand return of Latin to curriculum to end Labour’s ‘discrimination’ of classics
Daily Mail, 14 June

The dead language that could be coming to life again in schools
Yorkshire Post, 14 June

Sarah Sands: Clever Clegg minds his languages - all six of them
The Independent, 13 June

Saying Britons 'don't do' languages is a fallacy
The Guardian, 13 June

Britain’s foreign language skills put to shame
Recruiter, 10 June

Government drops diploma plans – but opts for IGCSEs
The Independent, 8 June

State schools get go-ahead to teach new style O-levels
Mail Online, 8 June

Coalition axes Labour's 'academic' diplomas
The Telegraph, 7 June

State school to offer international GCSE exams
BBC News, 7 June

Sideline modern languages at your peril, HMIE chief warns secondaries
TES, 4 June

Russell urges HE rethink
TES, 4 June  

Global Online English Language Education Market Growing by 22%, 2 June

Sideline modern languages at your peril, HMIE chief warns secondaries
TES, 4 June

Russell urges HE rethink
TES, 4 June

Number taking Leaving Cert Irish at record low level
Irish Times, 3 June

Global Online English Language Education Market Growing by 22%, 2 June

Nunthorpe kids add French dressing to show
Gazette Live (Teeside website), 2 June

May 2010

New survey of 16,000 final year students shows only a third of the ‘Class of 2010’ expect to find a graduate job after university
High Fliers Research, 27 May

Letter to The Times: Focus on English
The Times, 25 May

State school heads tell Prince Charles they are fed up with ‘do-gooding curriculum’
The Mail on Sunday, 24 May

Hodder Education launches first app, 19 May

Britain facing humiliating decline in foreign languages, says peer
The Times, 18 May

Click here to read Baroness Coussins’ letter to The Times

Are we heading towards a language crisis in our schools?
The Times, 17 May

Languages crisis is threatening a generation of state school pupils
The Times, 15 May

Linguistic isolationism
Times Higher Education, 13 May

Almost 1m pupils speak English as second language
The Telegraph, 13 May

This article is also covered in The Independent

Sector fears for future as its Commons champions are lost
Times Higher Education, 13 May

Edge Hill University - Taking the plunge in Mandarin
Times Higher Education, 13 May

Languages set to take off
North Tyneside Council website, 11 May

How English erased its roots to become the global tongue of the 21st century
The Observer, 9 May

Google launches instant translation tool, 7 May

Making computers see with Goggles and translate pictures into words
Story also covered in The Independent, 7 May

Cuts threaten long standing courses
TES, 7 May

April 2010

From where I sit: Lost without translation
Times Higher Education, 29 April

Brussels wants you to apply: The European Union has abolished its archaic test
The Independent, 29 April

French taster for toddlers
Retford Times, 29 April

The whole world is a classroom for pupils, 28 April

The little tricks that REALLY boost your brain power
The Daily Mail, 28 April

‘Listening to Foreign Language CDs’ is number 4 on the Mail’s list of things to keep our minds nimble.'

Europe Day to be celebrated in Carlisle Library
Lakeland Echo, 27 April

CIA to spend millions on improving spying techniques
The Telegraph, 27 April

Women's Voice project celebrates success
Enfield Independent, 27 April

Wolverhampton bids ‘au revoir’ to French, ‘adios’ to Spanish
Times Higher Education, 23 April

Old Firm star teaches how to talk fussball
The Herald, 23 April

Is Welsh language education a £10m luxury?
TES, 23 April

Future of Belgium under threat over language row, 22 April

Language gap is latest threat to jobs
The Irish Times, 20 April

Grammar row over Spanish poster to boost English schools, 19 April

Every ash cloud has a silver lining – how to pronounce the Icelandic volcano!
The Independent, 19 April

'Little or no' help for primary language teachers
TES Scotland, 16 April

University will drop language courses
Express & Star, 16 April

Forcing students to learn Irish has failed, says Hayes
Irish Times, 15 April

Tongue tied
The Times, 13 April

English-speaking pupils now the minority in 1,500 British schools
Daily Mail, 12 April

Labour will force foreign workers to speak English
The Times, 12 April

Education is key election battleground, says Brown
TES, 09 April

Talk is cheap
Times Higher Education, 08 April

Teaching of languages in primary schools hampered by staff's lack of training
The Scotsman, 07 April

Monoglottal stop
Times Higher Education, 05 April

Urdu degree ‘first’ for city universities
Trafford Metro News, 05 April

Boys still bottom of class for languages
Irish Independent, 03 April

Thomas Lord Audley School pupils learn to rap... in German
Daily Gazette Colchester, 02 April

Languages need a higher priority
The Herald Scotland, 01 April

Schools miss language targets
The Herald Scotland, 01 April

March 2010

French government picks new words to replace English
The Telegraph, 31 March

Deluded, moi?
The Guardian, 23 March

Lessons are worlds apart
Bracknell News, 20 March

Cost in translation
Newry Reporter, 19 March

Faith in marking gets lost in translation
Forge Today (University of Sheffield news website), 18 March

Just over the river, plans to boost Westminster’s GCSE grades
Westminster Chronicle, 17 March

Lingo Link Bob is Volunteer of the Year, 17 March

Confucius would be confused
The Guardian, 16 March

Modern languages at risk
TES, 12 March

Social networking shunned as aid to language teaching
TES, 12 March

37 civil servants respond to Irish lesson trawl
BBC, 11 March

Sheffield expert honoured by French Prime Minister
University of Sheffield, 10 March

Gove unveils Tory plan for return to ‘traditional’ school lessons
The Times, 6 March

The many voices of the web
The Economist, 4 March

Rugby lads get to grips with French
St Helens Star, 3 March

February 2010

Growing outcry at threat of cuts in humanities at universities
The Guardian, 28 February

Modern languages degrees 'could die out within 20 years'
The Telegraph, 28 February

Exams in Mandarin 'must be made easier'
The Independent, 26 February

Call for primary teachers to have extra language lessons
The Herald Scotland, 20 February

Greens go back to school
This is Plymouth, 14 February

The town where pupils speak 150 different languages
Daily Mail, 08 February

December 2009

'Students should study more academic subjects'
December 1st, The Independent

The thinktank Reform urges schools to focus on academic subjects
December 1st, The Guardian

November 2009

Review of modern foreign languages: joint response by HEFCE and the Department for Business, Innocation and Skills
November 30th, HEFCE website

Why make learning a foreign language your New Year's resolution?
November 30th, The Independent

Teach English history 'in French'
November 26th, BBC News

Trainee bursaries slashed
November 20th, TES

Find a voice in a global market
November 20th, The Sunday Times

No foreign language on holiday please, we're British
November 13th, Yahoo News

Twitter to launch paid-for service for businesses
November 13th, IT Week

Latin makes a comeback in primary schools
November 10th, The Telegraph

Haud mea culpa, domina! (As they say in primary school)
November 9th, The Independent

October 2009

Foreign language teaching is in decline
October 30th, The Independent

Speak up to keep languages alive, review says
October 22nd, Times Higher Education

Languages need a single voice to command attention, says review
October 20th, Times Higher Education

Universities 'betraying' foreign languages
October 20th, The Telegraph

Start school at six, key schools report recommends
October 16th, The Guardian

Half of GCSE students in state schools hit government target
October  15th, The Guardian

Look East: Why Chinese lessons are booming
October 8th, The Independent

Degrees 'rely on private pupils'
October 7th, BBC News

Why aren’t students learning Chinese?
October 1st, The Independent

September 2009

Use It Or Lose It? Study Suggests The Brain Can Remember A "Forgotten" Language
September 25th, MediLexicon News                               

Half of pupils shun foreign languages: EU data
September 24th, Yahoo News

Auf Wiedersehen, dept?
September 22nd, The Guardian

Toddlers can pick up languages in 20 months
September 9th, Mail online

Interested in teaching the Diploma in 2011?
September 9th, The Diploma (website)

August 2009

Students opt for maths and economics
August 20th, The Independent

A levels: Numbers up for maths
August 20th, Sec Ed

A levels: maths and science increasingly popular
August 20th, The Telegraph

A levels: education gap 'widening'
August 20th, The Telegraph

A level choices: Pupils pick subjects to impress
August 20th, The Guardian

Four out of ten trainees quit teaching early, report warns
August 14th, The Independent

Three teachers at award-winning school suspended 'for helping students cheat in GCSEs'
August 11th, Daily Mail

Ole! Spanish elbows German out of foreign languages classroom
August 8th, The Herald

Primary dances to an Albanian tune
August 7th, Times Educational Supplement

University of Cambridge - Languages for youngsters
August 6th, Times Higher Education Supplement

Kids mind language
August 5th, Barry and District News

Record exam results pile pressure on universities
August 5th, The Herald

Exam board poised to withdraw from 'poor man's A-level' diplomas
August 1st, The Telegraph

July 2009

Language Skills 'Boost Employability And Earning Potential. 
July 31st, Holborn Training

Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 31st, Daily Mail

Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 30th, Community Newswire

Translate your masters degree into practice
Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 29th,

Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 20th, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills newsletter

Schools must put more positive spin on languages, says Estyn
Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 17th, Times Educational Supplement

Second language 'great for employers'
Too slow GCSE reforms put this year's results in doubt, says regulator 
July 9th, Jobs News Wire

Bringing language learning to life'
July 9th, The Independent

Primary pupils 'have natural languages enthusiasm''
July 9th, SFS Group

Language teaching needs more joined-up thinking
July 7th, Cambridge News

Children abandon languages after GCSE requirement stopped
July 6th, The Times

A fifth of primary schools 'will struggle to meet 2010 languages target''
July 6th, The Guardian

Pupils are a class apart with Anglo-French tale
July 3rd, The Scotsman

Drop in modern language learning'
July 3rd, BBC News

London firms offered 2012 language training'
July 2nd, Small Business

Mind your languages
July 2nd, Times Higher Education Supplement

Bright students 'shun languages''
July 1st, BBC News

Links into Languages' 
July 1st, Cambridge Supplement

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