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Language Trends surveys

Language Trends surveys take snapshots of language learning activity in a range of sectors/educational phases.

We began the Language Trends survey in 2002, by looking at levels of disapplication in Key Stage 4. This formed a baseline for further research in 2004 and 2005, which identifies trends in language uptake in secondary schools.

In 2005, the research was expanded to include surveys in adult education, community languages and the provision of language and cultural services. A survey into vocational language learning in FE was added to the suite in 2006.

The annual survey with secondary schools, conducted in partnership with the Association for Language Learning and the Independent Schools’ Modern Language Association, explores aspects of the teaching and learning of languages in secondary education in England and has become a barometer for the health of languages in secondary schools in England.

The latest report from the series (Language Trends 2011) and a summary of its key findings can be accessed from here.

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