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What are the national trends in GCSE exam entries for languages?


There are two sources of exam entry data. Data covering school pupils in KS4 only which is released by the DFE annually in October and data covering all candidates which is released by the Joint Council for Qualifications immediately as the results come out in August. Both of these sources can be accessed below.

All data (schools, colleges and adult entries in England, Wales & Northern Ireland) - NEW, updated on 25 August 2011

School pupil data:

Key Stage 4 entries in England - REVISED, 12 January 2011:

School entries in Wales:

Standard Grade entries in Scotland 2000 to 2010 (Scottish Qualifications Authority data, all entries, available from Scottish CILT)

Northern Ireland:

GCSE entries by subject (xls, 25kb, data supplied by the Department of Education, Northern Ireland)

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