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European Day of Languages

What is the European Day of Languages?EDL logo

There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world. And behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages (EDL) aims to celebrate - by showing people across Europe how important languages are, and what fun can be had learning them.

26 September is the all important day and 2011 marks the Day's 10th anniversary following the decision of the Council of Europe to declare a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26 September each year.

How can I get involved?

Well, any number of ways, really. We’ve plenty of ideas and resources to help you on your way but how you celebrate the European Day of Languages is really up to you. It’s just about finding a way to get people (in schools, colleges and the wider community) excited about languages. That might be through competitions, events, parties, food markets, plays, dancing... the list is endless but to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EDL we have put together some top ten favourites, including ways to celebrate in school, ideas for games and language challenges, resource downloads and much more! You'll find it all here on our website.

How can we help?

At CILT, we love it when people take the initiative and organise an event. So we’re here to advise and support you when we can. Have a look at our top ten ways to celebrate if you need some ideas, or at the Council of Europe’s Event Calendar

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