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14-19 Reshaping languages

14to19 reshaping languages logoReshaping languages contains hundreds of video clips illustrating good practice. Pick a theme from the left-hand menu and opt for ‘case studies’.

Wherever you see this symbol video icon you will be able to view and download video clips of teachers in action or interviews about why things work well and how you can do them yourselves.

Featured items

Video stillCreative approaches with NVQ languages.
Aims: to improve participation in languages in KS4 and to help students to see the relevance of languages in a range of work environments, including travel, hospitality and teaching. 

Managing the double language option and teaching grammar through song.Mandarin as part of an enrichment programme. In 2009, four learners achieved their ABC Award in Speaking and Listening in Mandarin. These were some of the first students at secondary school in the Bournemouth area to achieve a qualification in Mandarin.

Managing the double language option and teaching grammar through song.Managing the double language option and teaching grammar through song. These learners are fast-tracked to take GCSE German in Year 10 and French in Year 11. In these video clips we see how the teacher uses songs to reintroduce French and revise basic grammar.

COPE thumbnailCoPE through International Communications and Business Enterprise. A series of videos demonstrating the use of the ASDAN International Award and describing the benefits and flexibility of the course.Business meets Languages thumbnail

Business meets Languages event.
A video of an event for Year 9 pupils to demonstrate the value of languages in the workplace which included input from different businesses.

NVQ video thumbnailSetting up an NVQ Language course. A series of video clips describing how an NVQ language course was set up and how it has developed over five years.


What do you want to know about languages in 14-19?

Where can I find online training?
The brand new 14-19 Training Zone offers continuing professional development for teachers of languages to students aged 14-19. Tutorials include 'How to set up an MFL blog' and downloading YouTube clips for use in the classroom.

I want to get advice about teaching strategies and read examples of good practice in different courses that I can share with colleagues.
You can gain a wealth of ideas about inspiring a range of different learners from our 14-19 themes. Most of our themes include sub-themes on ‘Principles of Teaching’, ‘Organisational Issues’ and ‘Resources’. Take a look at ‘Target language’ to get started.

I want to access resources that I can use in class.
Reshaping languages contains a treasure-trove of resources, many of them created by teachers for teachers. Most of our themes include a sub-theme on ‘Resources’ which are directly linked to the topic you are interested in. 

I want to know about alternative accreditations and more traditional qualifications so that I can choose the right one.
Reshaping languages contains information on just about every qualification you could wish to consider. Select one of the qualifications themes and you’ll be able to find out what the different features of the accreditations are as well as what other teachers think.

If you are having problems finding any content, please contact us.

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